Roofing Week 2024 was another success in terms of exposure for our members.

For those who don’t know, impressions on LinkedIn refers to the number of times your content is displayed on someone’s screen. These can be anything from a post, an article, a video, or even your profile. In other words, impressions are like the footprints your content leaves as it walks across the screens of your audience.

RCANS averaged 450 impressions per post with a highlight of 1,728 for our first post celebrating women in our industry.

Our post about the Eskasoni Long Term Care Centre completed by Flynn Canada with Bird Stairs and IKO Modified Bitumen roof , came in a close second at 1042 impressions

In the past seven days we’ve had 1,573 post impressions, with the highest daily total of 1042 for our highlight of our sponsors for our AGM & Golf event.