The main goal of RCANS is to promote professional workmanship in the commercial, industrial and institutional roofing industry in Nova Scotia.

Our History

Approximately fifty years ago, a small number of roofing contractors met in Halifax, Nova Scotia to discuss the possibility of forming an association to promote good quality commercial roofing workmanship. The meeting was positive under the directorship of the late Douglas Fraser, who operated Tasco Roofing of Halifax. These few members continued to meet on a monthly basis and eventually formed a set of bylaws and criteria for membership, which they encouraged by way of invitation to other roofing companies.

In 1960, the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA) was formed and not until 1964 did they ask for affiliate membership from other provinces. The Nova Scotia roofers joined CRCA in 1964 and officially registered with the Registry Of Joint Stock Companies in 1965 as the registered name of The Roofing Contractors’ Association Of Nova Scotia (RCANS).

Meetings were moved to the Construction Association of Nova Scotia’s building in Halifax. Quality roofing was becoming more recognized and being affiliated with CRCA, the association was well on it’s way. Eventually Associate membership consisting of suppliers and manufacturers were asked to join the association.

RCANS strives to promote good quality workmanship in the commercial, industrial and institutional roofing industry. Safety always a concern has become more of a priority with certification from the Department of Labour and the Nova Scotia Safety Construction Association as well as Provincial fall arrest regulations. Over the years RCANS has promoted training for roofers and an apprenticeship training program was initiated.

RCANS joined the Canadian Roofing Contractor's Association in 1964.

RCANS members attend annual conferences, events and participate in the training and standards set out by the national association.

Website: www.roofingcanada.com
Phone: 1-800-461-2722
Fax: 613-232-2893
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RCANS is affiliated with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS)

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RCANS contributes annually to Nova Scotia's Habitat for Humanity Charity.

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